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90 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Four)

Shifting from the couch to being on his knees, Justin welcomed the soft comfort of the carpet across the surface of his skin. As Shannon came to stand behind him, he looked at their two hosts. Anne still wore her black panties and bra, their color matching the darkness of her long wild hair and also emphasized the pale color of her skin, which resembled the elegant color of bone. She knelt facing him, her substantial bust making his mouth water. She smiled, and placed an index finger inside her mouth, impatient and eager to begin this new game of sucking. Standing beside her was her boyfriend, who squirted some lubricant out of a small plastic bottle into his cupped hand. Christian calmly began stroking himself, his eyes scanning the bodies in the room, his eyes feeding the arousal flowing down into his loins and through the shaft of his cock. Justin looked between the two of them, comfortable and relaxed at watching the bodies of this man and woman. Both of them were not only aroused, but curious. How would the game play out? What was going to happen, after Shannon put the blindfold on Justin? 


5332 words (MM, MF)


Cover art by Ariadna Rodriguez Barclay

IG: @chippiedraws

90 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Four)

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