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92 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Five)

"...But even without her glasses, Anne could easily discern what it was that her guest was holding, and why the object would be offered as a source of titillation, or perhaps even an invitation.


“Oh, that's mine,” she said.


“Damn, Anne,” Shannon exclaimed. “Aren't you just the kinkiest librarian?”


Shannon remained standing at the foot of the king-sized bed. The woman was completely naked except for her tartan skirt, a piece of clothing which seemed remarkably resilient in remaining on her slender body despite all of their sexual adventures so far this evening. She held the flogger with a mixture of reverence and curiousity: she held the handle firmly in one hand while the other traced and teased the individual leather strips that formed its tail. The intensity of her gaze was rapt, and practically mesmerized everyone else in the room to look at the object along with her. The air quickly became charged with some new potential, of questions being formed, of hidden corners of secrets suddenly becoming glimpsed."


5055 words (MFMF)


Cover art by Ariadna Rodriguez Barclay

IG: @chippiedraws

92 - Shut the F*** Up (Part Five)

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