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95 - Whiny Brat Baby

Earlier, I had put my hair up in pigtails. Combined with a little bit of clown white make-up, long socks that went up above my knees, and a too-short mini-skirt, my costume was complete: I had transformed into the sluttiest version of Harley Quinn that New York had ever seen. The phony pouts, the whiny voice, the bratty attitude–all of these  just added layers, feeding my horny imagination and helping me get into my role. Tonight, I wanted something different than “the usual”. I was restless, frustrated, a little pissed; when I get into those kinds of moods, sometimes f***ing one guy at a time just isn´t enough.

7295 words (MM, MMF)
Cover art by Ariadna Rodriguez Barclay
IG: chippiedraws

95 - Whiny Brat Baby

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