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96 - Nervous Splendor

She didn't walk in–she strode. Even above the soft din of the other people mingling in the lobby of the cinema before the next screening, Frances made an entrance. The click-clacking of the heel of her black leather boots made her steps echo throughout the foyer, and I enjoyed watching her approach my table. She wore black denim jeans which snugly wrapped around her legs and hips, and her leather coat didn't reach her waist. Unzipped, the coat revealed a crisp white button-down shirt underneath, its collar pulled up towards her ears. Her blonde hair, cut short, combined with her cheekbones and her sharp nose, made her face seem both beautiful and dangerous. Perhaps unconsciously, the rest of the crowd parted out of her direct path towards me and the registration table. The direct approach of her steps cut through the space as easily as a razor against paper.

3100 (MF, age gap)
Cover art by Ariadna Rodriguez Barclay
IG: chippiedraws

96 - Nervous Splendor

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