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April 2023 Workshop

Beautiful, Sexy, Immoral

Workshop in Writing Erotic Fiction

With Christian Pan

Art by Jamie Natalo


Designed both for writers who are interested in developing an erotic story that's already percolating within their minds, as well as beginners who are curious about writing fiction where sexuality, sensuality, and the erotic imagination are centralized, Beautiful, Sexy, Immoral is an in-depth erotic writing workshop taught by writer and teacher Christian Pan.


This 4-week course will mentor and develop each individual´s literary voice in the creation of original erotic prose. Virtual class meetings will incorporate a number of specific written and reading assignments towards strengthening your own original work, regardless of what stage your individual writing is at. 


Reading, and particularly paying close attention to what we read, helps us to become stronger writers. Similar to a guitarist learning how to play a variety of musical styles before composing their own music, workshop participants will read, study, and analyze the work of a pre-existing erotic writer as a source of inspiration for their own original writing. By working within such creative parameters and writing “in the spirit of '' someone else, participants will become more conscious of style, learn components of structure, and have creative parameters to launch from. By closely examining the work of another, new possibilities to uncover our own unique artistic voice can come closer to the surface.


The heart of this course centers on in-depth feedback on each individual participant´s weekly writing assignments. Writing is re-writing, and students will have regular opportunities for detailed feedback on their work. Through the incorporation of comments, suggestions, and ideas from the rest of the instructor, the group, and from the reading materials, each workshop participant can expect to have up to 25 completed & workshopped pages of written material by the conclusion of Beautiful, Sexy, Immoral (the equivalent of a short story, or the opening of a novel).


For this spring 2023 module of Beautiful, Sexy, Immoral, we will focus on the writings of Guy New York. Detailed discussions of his short story “The Ortolan Hunters” and his novella “The Yes Rule” will inform a significant portion of how we think about our writing; workshop participants are of course welcome to use other sources of inspiration, too. On the last day of the workshop, the workshop will host Guy New York for students to ask questions about his writing and his career.

This course is limited to five participants maximum, to ensure each person gets sufficient attention and response to their writing.



Since 2021, Christian Pan has published over 80 erotic stories in English, Spanish, and French. His books include City of Desire, At the End of the World (semi-finalist for the 2022 Golden Pigtail Smut Award for Best Dark/Taboo Erotic Novel), Eagle Eye, and The Maggie Nelson Book Club, and his work has also appeared in the winter holiday collection Season´s Teasings, edited by Olivia Lawless. When not writing, he hosts the online LGBTQ Erotic Content Creators Club, publishes book reviews for Cleis Press, Kirkus Indie, and on his blog Dirty Words, and (under his legal name) works professionally in dance, theater, and film. Originally from California, he has lived in Turkey, Australia, Norway, and France, and is currently based in New York City. 




Four Saturdays: 1, 8, 15, and 22 April 2023 

12-2.30pm EST




(payment plans available)


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