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Wood Nymphs


Just as he is getting off duty during his rounds, security guard Aidan sees a motorcycle half-hidden in the bushes along the side of the road near a secluded spot in the forest. Afraid that it might be kids getting drunk and then endangering themselves by going into the river or driving, he stops to go check it out. As he goes deeper into the woods, he sees no evidence of the typical teenagers drinking beers under the camouflage of the trees, but he does hear low moans of pleasure. Eventually, he finds an adult woman leaning forward on a boulder, while another man is performing cunnilingus. Immediately aroused, Aidan decides not to announce his presence to the pair of consenting adults having sex on public property after dark. Instead, he chooses to stay hidden--at least, at first.

Her first erotic story now available on Amazon as an ebook, author Megan Landon wastes no time in Surveillance Duty to get down and dirty with this threesome in the woods. The couple, Chloe and Chris, like having Aidan there--first as an appreciative audience and voyeur, and then quickly as an enthusiastic participant. Landon definitely knows how to describe a hot and sexy scene, and she describes the moment of these three in the woods here with relentless lust. The swift story shifts between the points of view of Chris, Chloe, and Aidan, providing different perspectives between who is "being surveilled," and who is surrendering to the desperate, pile-driving pleasure. The story also resolves with an open-ended conclusion, tantalizing us with the possibility that this isn´t the last time we´re going to be seeing these characters.

Landon´s website contains another story for free, entitled Creekside Magic, which readers may also find stimulating. Like Surveillance Duty, this one places its characters exploring their filthy imaginations within a natural setting--a refreshing contrast to many other erotic fiction whose settings tend to be urban. Plus, the recurrence of this natural setting also implies that these people are leaving their "civilized" selves behind, and are returning to a state which is more primal, closer to the instinctual drives of animals.

Surveillance Duty will also be available in an audio version (for a preview, you can listen here), providing alternate ways for fans to fulfill their yearnings. On her website, Landon describes her work as "erotic sci-fi and fantasy"; and while it appears that these genres have yet to reveal themselves in her erotic fiction, Landon´s debut on the page as well as in the ear is strong and confident. Take a chance, and accept her invitation to wander into the darker corners of the forest with Surveillance Duty. Megan Landon will make sure that you enjoy this little tryst.

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