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Christian Pan Erotica

Quality fiction celebrating bisexuality, intimacy, and the erotic imagination.

What People are Saying

"Pan's writing is not only sexy but cinematic and literary; his characters feel real, like friends relaying their deepest secrets."

The Crush Letter

"To read City of Desire is to find oneself in a bar where booze and smoke make the air thick, where everyone is trying to hustle for sex or money or love. Pan shines a light on what the observer often misses — that no one tells the truth, that nothing is as it seems, that we’re all using each other, just to feel a little less lost.

"In Christian Pan’s erotic stories, strangers adrift in the vast and devouring anonymity of New York City seek sex as ritual. And these ceremonies are harsh."

Short Stories

About Christian Pan

Image of the author looking at the camera, wearing a turtleneck

Christian Pan is a writer based in New York City who writes erotic fiction through a bisexual lens.


Since April 2021, he has published 95 short stories in English, with some also translated into Spanish and French, and appearing in the anthologies Season´s Teasings and Summer Teasesboth edited by Olivia Lawless.

Pan has published 6 books so far: the novellas Stockholm Syndrome, On Freedom, Eagle Eyeand At the End of the World (Finalist - 2022 Golden Pigtail Award for Dark/Taboo Erotic Novel of the Year; 2023 Star Recommendation - All the Filthy Details), as well as Far From Olympus (an erotic reimagining of Greek mythology) and the short story collection City of Desire.

Pan also has written numerous reviews of erotic fiction and nonfiction, and is the host of the Pulse Session segment on the monthly All the Filthy Details podcast. Since September 2022, he has hosted the Queer Erotic Content Creators group, an A Club by Patreon.

News & Events

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